I’ve read a lot of books. That’s the truth.

I think I’ve gone through almost all genres throughout my explorations in the world of the written word. And one thing’s for sure, I’ve always leaned towards romantic fiction more than anything else. My shelf can attest to that. So even if I haven’t heard or read anything about an author, but the blurb is just so enticing, I’d buy the book.

This is the case of Fashionistas by Lynn Messina.

Bookstagram - Fashionistas by Lynn Messina
In my purse, a copy of Fashionistas by Lynn Messina with my oversized sunnies, Sony Cybershot and faux croc-skin wallet.

Reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada, Fashionistas evolve around the world of fashion, workplace politics and behavioral issues in a highly competitive industry. The book in itself is nothing spectacular. It’s simple and not enough character development happened to satisfy me. It’s just okay. Not very bad if only the author have gone through more human emotions to portray the characters to make them more relevant.

It’s without a doubt a little bit of a copycat of some of the more note-worthy titles that have been published before this book came along. Maybe with a little bit more maturity with the plot and characterization, this could have been a okay read.