After watching The Hundred Foot Journey for the third time, I decided that I have the right ingredients on hand to make myself a chicken korma and a roti paratha.

I loaded up on the veggies for this recipe since I’ve been deprived on the usual veggie intake I had throughout the workweek. So with yoghurt-marinated sliced chicken breasts, spices and veggies, I soon had my whole house smelling like an Indian restaurant. To make it extra creamy, I added some coconut milk.

In My Kitchen: Chicken korma and roti paratha
In My Kitchen: Chicken korma and roti paratha

For the roti paratha, I had stashed a frozen, ready to cook one from when I went grocery shopping a few days ago [I know I cheated. Not guilty.]

I tried to be as authentic as possible, but I guess for table for one, the finished product is more than good enough. Bon appetite!