Ever since I was a kid, I always liked cold treats during summer. As you might have surmised from my previous posts, I love ice cream. I loved popsicles, too.

But aging has a way of reminding me that packing more than enough calories for the day has its consequences. So when I saw a guilt-free alternative to a calorie-ridden cold treat, I grabbed it by its proverbial horn.

Better Than Ice Cream (BTIC) Yoghurt Popsicles
BTIC Yoghurt Popsicles (Top L-R: mango and berry basket; Bottom L-R: purple yam or ube and avocado). Shown with Vietnamese candied sesame and nuts brittle

Better Than Ice Cream (or BTIC) has a wide selection of cold yoghurt yumminess that ranges from regular flavored yoghurt ice cream to sugar-free ones that doesn’t go in the mouth and settles forever on the hips.

I am practically enamored of their popsicles ever since I had my first after an intense grocery shopping during a very hot summer. I had an avocado-flavored one by then. Then, I gradually expanded my palette by buying a different flavor ever since.

Since then, whenever I feel extra heated, I buy myself one… or a few. Hehe…