What should a girl do on a lazy, rainy Saturday morning when said girl just want to lay down in bed and compensate for a week-long sleep deprivation?

Heat some store-bought muffins.

Goldilocks muffins
Goldilocks muffins (Clockwise from left: banana muffin, blueberry muffin and chocolate chip chocolate muffin)

Thank goodness for an impulse to buy some muffins on my way home yesterday or else I’m going to starve as I’m too lazy to even crack some eggs to make breakfast.

When I woke up this morning on a gloomy weather, I just want to stay in bed. Even the opening my eyes is too much work as I find myself just wanting to rest and relax on the weekends instead of filling it up with activities like I used to. Lately, that’s been a constant game plan: Stay at home and sleep.

But a girl’s gotta eat.

So, I heated some of the muffins I bought from Goldilocks, a well-known local bakeshop. That will solve the tummy growls until before lunchtime, which I would need to flex my culinary fingers (and brain) to think of what to make.