Style: Scarves Out

It's getting colder. Although I currently live in a tropical country, where there are only two seasons (summer and rainy), it becomes chilly in the area that I particularly live. Around November until January, temperatures drop from the usual 28 degrees Celsius to 20-23 degrees because of its higher altitude and the fact that the …


For The Love of Ocha

I received a package from Japan brimming with different organic ocha or Japanese tea. Struck with inspiration, I decided to practice a little of my fascination with minimalist photography. Clean lines and white spaces don't scare me a lot anymore. I find it a little relaxing, to be honest. With health benefits, drinking ocha regularly can enhance an otherwise …

Persimmon Season

I love kaki (in Japanese) or persimmon. ❤ During fall, there are plenty to be had. Although persimmons are not cultivated here in the Philippines, our neighboring countries of Japan and Korea supply our persimmon needs. Before gobbling them this morning, I took some pictures in a minimalist style. Yum! Peace! x