About The Blog

A Rosey Life is a personal blog about my utmost passions in life — FOOD, TRAVEL and LIFESTYLE. It’s a creative outlet, chronicling my varied interest as well as the journey towards finding great places to eat.

This blog is a sister-blog of my more personal blog, The Good…The Bad… and Me blog, which started way back in 2012 and serves as a perfect avenue for me to release all those pent-up thoughts and ideas that keep me from a good night’s sleep. It also houses my writing endeavors — poems, meandering thoughts, twisted philosophies and some short prose.

About The Author

Rose Min

I am Rose Fernández (a.k.a. Rose Min).

Currently multi-hyphenated. Chief amongst my many roles in life and career, I am a Global Leadership Development trainer by profession and an poet, artist, musician, writer and foodie on the side.

I am also the author of the paranormal epic saga The Scroll Saints.

I’ve worked in the training and development field for more than 14 years, specializing on adult learning methodologies, language development and quality. With working experiences on both educational and corporate settings, I’ve helped cultivate a global mindset by spearheading campaigns that helped students (from my teaching experiences) and employees in BPO companies maintain quality leadership and professional/personal development.

I have also conducted numerous online management training sessions and speech training for both local and foreign clients all over the world.

On The Side…

I write, blog and make music. Apart from this blog and numerous manuscripts kept away from the mighty Dust Horde, I will be publishing some of my work soon. Amongst them would be a collection of poems and slam poetry I have penned for decades.

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